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Our goal is to provide information on resources for teens everywhere, from recreational, educational and career-oriented to just plain fun.

Sports and Recreation

Sports & Recreation

Whether you follow sports in your area or participate, there's something for you.

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Group Activities

Join a group activities. Make friends, learn and have fun.

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Volunteers Needed!

We are looking for volunteers now to fill a number of positions.

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City, County, State and National Activities for Teens

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Program Administrators
Create and maintain a Web page on for your Organization's Programs, Events and other Activities

Explore events and activities in your area. Create your own social-networking blog. Find friends with mutual interests.

Help your community. Skilled and unskilled volunteers are needed by a wide variety of organizations.

Keep abreast of the activities and events occurring in your area. Use our handy drill-down map at top of page

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Enjoy fun group sports and other activities in your local area!

  • Sporting Events
  • Music and Art
  • Learn Special and Fun Skills
  • Make New Friends
  • Keep in Touch with Your Friends using CWYD's Blogging Network
  • Volunteer to Help People in Your Community

CAN Project News

What's Going On At The CAN Project Web Site

Five new programs added in 4 new cities!

Chicago Illinois, Denver Colorado, Billings Montana and Spokane Washington have all added new programs on CWYD. If you live in one of these cities, be sure to check them out.

More Social Networking Features

The Teen Blog is growing up. We have added new social networking features, so you can now like comments and upload photos and other graphics as well.

Activities You Can Do On Your Own

Group activities can be fun and rewarding in a number of ways. But there are also a lot of activities you can do on your own that are very rewarding also.



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