Sponsorship Marketing

Support The CAN Project With An Active Display

Community Assistance Network (CAN) members create the fuel that allows the CAN Project to develop the only national online resource base providing youth ages 10-19 with positive alternatives to negative choices. CAN Memberships also allow the CAN Project to remain free for Program resources and youth participation in those Programs.

Several levels of sponsorship are available. Participants receive the ability to create an "SOS", "Leadership", or "I AM" ActiveDisplay - in the form of a banner or sidebar display block. Some examples are shown below.

There are 3 types basic ActiveDisplay blocks on the CAN Project Web site. Samples of these ActiveDisplays are shown below, along with their corresponding categories.

Included with your membership is the ability to create a CAN Project Program Page, where you can tell a little about yourself or your company or organization. If you provide youth activities, you may post them there as well, and time and date events may also be posted on your Program Page Calendar.

To begin your CAN sponsorship campaign, if you are not already a CAN member, go to the Registration Page and register. If you are already a CAN member, simply select the "Ad Campaign" tab from your Program edit page. This will provide a link to auto-register your account.

SOS (Soul of Site) ActiveDisplay

Soul of Site ActiveDisplays run across the top of the page, just above the CAN Project header.

Business1 $25
Business2 $60
Business3 $120
Business4 $250
Business5 $500
Business6 $750
Business7 $1,000
Chanber of Commerce $60
Church/Faith Based $120
Hospital/Clinic $120
Individual $25
Police Department $60
School District $120
Service Club $120
Sheriff Department $120

Leadership ActiveDisplay

The Leadership ActiveDisplay is ideal for government officials and community leaders. These displays will appear on the sidebar on selected pages, or as a stand-alone display area in strategic locations.

City $60
County $120
Government Leader $25

"I Am" ActiveDisplay

Designed for professional athletic members, the I AM ActiveDisplay helps to foster connections with athletic role models.

Professional Athlete/Coach $120
Professional Sports League $1,200
Professional Sports Teams $600



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